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AWA APEX Champions Titles Held
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AWA APEX Heavyweight Championship
1-Mr. Black def. 8 man tournament       9-13-05
*Mr. Black def. Scotty McKeever        12-25-05
          (unification of WV Title & AWA Apex Title)
AWA APEX Tag Team Championship
1-Danny Ray Nelson & Jason Kincaid appointed after tournament                        8-2-05
2-Lost Generation def. Zodiac & Jason Kincaid
3-Jason Kincaid & Mr. Black def. American Idols in a barbwire match                    9-6-05
4-American Idols def. Jason Kincaid & Mr. Black
5-Team Gay won 4-elimination, 5-team match (Smoky Mountain Outlaws pinned Bret Sharp, Mr. Black and Jason Kincaid pinned Outlaws, Cuban and Devin Davis beat Kincaid and Black, Team Gay def. Cuban and Davis to be the new APEX Tag Champions)                             11-15-05
6- Cuban Assassin & Devin Davis def. Team Gay
AWA APEX Shooting Star Championship
1- Dice Del Ray def. Shane Mathues    7-17-05
2- Shane Mathues def. Dice Del Ray    7-24-05
3- Dice Del Ray def. Shane Mathues    8-2-05
4- Alan lynch def. by forfit Dice Del Ray
5- Flex def. Alan Lynch               11-24-05

AWA APEX Champions

AWA APEX Champion- Mr. Black
1- "Awesome" Alan Lynch
2- Cuban Assassin
3- Dealth Falcon Zero
4- Flex
5- Jason Kincaid
6- Devin Davis
7- Kirby Mack
8- Dice Del Ray
9- Jesse Ortega
10- Madd Trucker

AWA APEX Shooting Star Champion:
The Scufflin' Hillbilly
1- Flex
2- Alan Lynch
3- Cuban Assassin
4- Jesse Ortega
5- Death Falcon Zero

AWA APEX Tag Team Champions:
Jason Kincaid & Flex
1- Team Gay(Shane Storm & JC Lynch)
2- Cuban Commandos
3- Dealth Falcon Zero & Prof.  Danger
4- Smoky Mountain Outlaws
5- Hawaiian Hot Bodies