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Available April
DVD+R or +RW   Brian Logan "Evolution of a Mad Man"
this dvd includes a 2 hour shoot interview and matches
preorders are available as follows Kincaid- $9.99
 Logan-   $19.95
All merchandise available at APEX Arena on Tuesday Nights or
send to     Mediocre Mat Productions
                  PO Box 447
                  Oak HIll, WV 25901
Shipping and handling as follows
                  regular mail $2.00
                  priority mail $5.00

Each Month on 1 VHS Tape       $ 14.99
                            4 DVD Set         $39.95
                              + Newsletter
*individual months
TV Subscription
    VHS Tape each month w/TV's of that month
                       12 tapes total
                           + sticker                      $150.00
    DVD- 4 DVD set each month w/TV's of that month
                       52 DVD's total
                              +sticker                      $350.00
Unlimited Subscription
    Your choice of either VHS or DVD     $500.00
Includes every week of APEX TV for 1 year. Plus 1 copy of each individual DVD for that year (est. 10-13 different additional DVD or VHS)   +Newsletter, sticker & AWA Logo T-Shirt
* special note system must be compatable with +R or +RW to play DVD's.
You can mail your orders in to
                  Mediocre Mat Productions
                  PO Box 447
                 Oak Hill, WV 25901
or you can call your order in and pay by credit card @ (304) 465-5111