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Weekly shows held Tuesday night 7:30 PM bell time at the APEX studio/arena in Oak Hill, West Virginia

July 10, 2005
Shane Matthews & Chris Vega wrestled to a 10 minute draw
The Hornet beat Danny Ray by disqualification when Danny Ray used the piledriver on the Hornet, which is illegal in AWE
Ryan Johnson beat Satanicus
Jason Kincaid beat Brett Sharp
Cody Matthews & Dice Del Ray beat Zodiac & Mr. White

July 24, 2005
The New Age Punishers (Jason Kincaid & TJ Phillips) defeated The American Idols (Chris Vega & Brett Sharp) (Tag Tournament Match)
Mr. Black defeated The Hornet
Ryan Johnson defeated Zodiac
Shane Matthews defeated Dice Del Ray to win the Shooting Star Championship and the opportunity to compete in the AWA World Light Heavyweight Tournament
Danny Ray & Jason Kincaid defeated Fat and Furious by disqualification after Jason Kincaid (who was forced to team with Danny Ray) was thrown over the top rope

AWA Apex results for 8/9
Before the show, Brian Logan announced to the crowd Danny Ray was no longer associated AWA Apex.
Brett Sharp battled Ryan Johnson to a 10 minute draw. A 5 minute "overtime" was declared a no contest after Mr Black come to the ring and attacked both men.
"Awesome" Allen Lynch defeated Mr Black in a No DQ match.
Dice Del Ray defeated Cody Matthews to retain the AWA  ApexShooting Star title.
In a rematch from earlier, Ryan Johnson defeated Brett Sharp by DQ after Sharp threw Johnson over the top rope.
The Lost Generation ("Confederate" Chris Vega & "Superstar" Shane Matthews) defeated Jason Kincaid & Zodiac after Vega hit Kincaid with a steel chair behind the distraced referee's back. The Lost Generation are now the new AWA Apex Tag Team Champions!

AWA Apex results for  8/23
"Awesome" Allen Lynch defeated Shane Storm in the first match of the evening.
Brian Logan interviewd Dice Del Ray in the ring. Dice avoided answering Logan's question of why did Dice screw over "Awesome" Allen Lynch last week in his match against Cody Matthews. Logan announced that on the Labor Day Spectacular on Tuesday, September 6th, that Dice Del Ray will defent the AWA Apex Shooting Star title against Lynch. Also, Dice would have to face Allen's brother, JC, later in the evening in a non title match.
Brett Sharp came to the ring and called out "Confederate" Chris Vega. After Vega came out, an impomptu match began. The match ended when "Superstar" Shane Matthews attacked Brett Sharp when it appeared he had Vega beat. Vega & Matthews continued the assault on Sharp until Jason Kincaid came to the rescue.
"Violent" Vance Desmond defeated Cole Cash. After the match, Mr. Black came to the ring and assaulted both men.
Dice Del Ray defeated JC Lynch in a non title match.
Jason Kincaid defeated "Superstar" Shane Matthews by DQ when "Confederate" Chris Vega interered. Brett Sharp attempted to make the save but was eventually beaten down as well. The Lost Generation hit Kincaid with a spike pilderiver, then as Matthews held Kincaid up, Vega wrapped his fist with barb wire and punched Jason in the face, busting wide open. They continued the assault until Brian Logan came to the ring and announced that on Tuesday, September 6th, The Lost Generation will be forced to face Sharp & Kincaid in a Lights Out Barb Wire match!
Announced for the major Labor Day Spectular is Dice Del Ray defending the AWA Shooting Star title against "Awesome" Allen Lynch, a cruiserwight war featuring some of the top cruiserweights in the country, a 3 woman Divas Pudding Match to crown the first ever AWA Divas champion, and the Barb Wire match between The Lost Generation and Jason Kincaid & Bret Sharp! Tickets for this event are just $5. It all happens on the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, September 6th. This will be the biggest card in the history of AWA Apex!
Then the next week, on Tuesday, September 13th, former WCW & WWE superstar Buff Bagwell will be in action! Tickets for this event are also only $5.

Sept. 6, 2005 Labor Day Spectacular
Mr. Black def.
Dice Del Ray def. "Awesome" Alan Lynch in a tables match
Kirby mack def. Xciris to retain the AWA World's Light Heavyweight Championship.
The Street Sweepers def. Vance Desmond & Ultra Dragon, also the team of Cole Cash & Juana Wood in a 3 way dance.
breeze got pinned by AWA APEX Diva in the Diva pudding Match.
Vega 7 Bret Sharp, The American Idols were beaten by jason Kincaid and Mr. Black, for the AWA APEX Tag Team Championship in a barbwire match.

Sept 20,2005
Alan Lynch def. Devin Davis
Shane Storm def. Carter
Ultra Dragon def. J-Sin
American Idols def. The Sicilians
Jason Kincaid & Mr. Black def. The Dirty Lynch Boys

Oct 4, 2005
Flex def. The Sicilian
Alan Lynch def. Devin Davis (Shooting Star Match)
Mr. Black def. Cuban Assassin (APEX Title Match)
Team Gay def. American Idols (by DQ)
Krazy K def. Jason Kincaid to remain AWA Worlds Lt. Wt. Title, when Chris Vega delivered a illegal pile driver on Kincaid

Oct 18, 2005
Jason Kincaid def. Chad Cross
Team Gay def. Wes Lynch & Devin Davis
Alan Lynch def. Flex (Shooting Star match)
Mr. Black def. DFZ w/Prof. Danger (APEX Title match)
American Idols def. Hawaian Hotbodies when Team Gay interfered and DQed the Hotbodies

Nov 1, 2005
Alan Lynch 7 Cuban Assassin def. Devin Davis & Flex
Jason Kincaid wrestled to a ten min draw w/ Dexter Poindexter
Mr. black def. DFZ
Team Gay def. Wes Lynch & Raw Talent
kirby Mack def. Chris Vega, when Jason Kincaid delivered a illegal piledriver on Vega, to return the AWA World's Lt. Wt. Title.

Nov. 15,2005
Prof. Danger w/ Breeze def. Masked Wrestler #1
Wes Lynch def. Max Rock
Alan Lynch def. Raw Talent to retain the Shooting Star Title
Flex def DFZ w/ Prof Danger and Breeze
Team Gay def. Bret Sharp, Cuban Assassin & Devin Davis, Smoky Mt. Outlaws, Kincaid & Black in a 5 way match to become the new Tag Team Champions

Nov 24, 2005  Thanksgiving Thunder
Team Day def. Dexter Poindexter & Masked Wrestler #1
Flex def. Alan Lynch to become the Shooting Star Champion
Mr. Black def. and tarred and feathered Cuban Assassin
Jason Kincaid beat Bret Sharp and Krazy K   *Kincaid was stripped of AWA World's Lt. Wt. Title due to the fact you can't win title on a DQ. Krazy K was DQed for using a piledriver

Dec 6, 2005
Johnson & Max lost to Hillbilly & Wes Lynch
DFZ & Prof w/ Breeze lost to Mr. Black
Scotty McKeever wrestled Jason Kincaid to a draw
Eric White pinned Bret Taylor
Team Gay retained the Tag Title against the Jive Tones
Flex & Alan Lynch lost to Cuban & Davis

Dec 20, 2005
Wes Lynch beat Raw Talent
Alan Lynch wrestled Cuban to a no contest
Flex won by DQ over Cuban
Team Gay def. McKeever & Gene Madrid
DFZ & Prof lost to Mr. Black & Jason Kincaid

Dec 27, 2005
Raw Talent def. Max Rock
Alan Lynch def. Cuban Assassin
Mr. Black def. Shane Storm
JC Lynch def. Bret Taylor
Jason Kincaid def. Devin Davis by DQ
Scufflin Hillbilly beat Scotty McKeever

July 17, 2005 (Shooting Star Championship Tournament)
Round One:
Shane Matthews defeated Chris Vega
Brett Sharp defeated Ryan Johnson
Stratus defeated Cody Matthews
Round Two:
Shane Matthews defeated Brett Sharp
Dice Del Ray defeated Stratus
Dice Del Ray defeated Shane Matthews (The winner of the tournament won an opportunity to be in the AWA Light Heavyweight Tournament)

August 2, 2005
Dice Del Ray defeated Shane Matthews to win the Shooting Star Championship for the second time
Mr. Black defeated Ryan Johnson
Steve Von Erich defeated Brett Sharp
Allen Lynch defeated Ricochet
Danny Ray & Jason Kincaid defeated The Lost Generation (Shane Matthews & Chris Vega) for the AWA APEX Tag Team Titles

AWA Apex results for 8/16
Mr. Black defeated The Hornet
Brian Logan interviewed "Awesome" Allen Lynch in the Ring. Dice Del Ray eventually interrupted and Logan set up a match later in the evening pitting Lynch against Cody Matthews with AWA Apex Shooting Star Champion Dice Del Ray as the special guest referee.
"Violent" Vance Desmond defeated Zac Vincent
"Confederate" Chris Vega defeated Ryan Johnson
The Great Gamma Singh came to the ring to publicly declare Jihad on the AWA. He was interrupted by Breeze who eventually persuaded Gamma to trust him to let him teach him the American way of life.
"Awesome" Allen Lynch defeated Cody Matthews with AWA Apex Shooting Star Champion Dice Del Ray as the special guest referee.
Jason Kincaid defeated "Superstar" Shane Matthews. After the match, "Confederate" Chris Vega hit the ring and helped Matthews give Kincaid a vicious beating.
Also, during the show it was announced that on Tuesday, September 6th, AWA Apex will present it's biggest card to date at the Apex Studio Arena. This Labor Day Spectacular will feature many high profile matches, and a new match will be announced every week in the weeks leading up to the show. This week it was announced that on September 6th there will be a Pudding Match for the Apex Diva's Championship. This is promised to be a show you will not want to miss. There will also be no increase in ticket price for this event. Dont miss AWA Apex's biggest event to date on Tuesday, September 6th at the Apex Studio Arena. Tickets prices are only $5 a piece!

Aug. 30,2005
Dice Del Ray signs contract to face Alan Lynch at Labor Day Spectacular.
Cody Mathues defeats Chris Kahn by DQ, when The Great Gama attacked Mathues, Leaving Cody Mathues in a bloody mess.
Vance Desmond def. Shane Storm.
Mr. Black def. Cole Cash & Ryan Johnson in a handicap match.
Jason Kincaid and Bret Sharp def. Dirty Lynch Boys.
The Lost Generation faced Alan Lynch and Dice Del Ray in a non title bout, that ended in a no contest with the entire AWA APEX roster in the ring.

Sept 13,2005
AWA APEX Title Tournament
Rd 1
Jason Kincaid def. Chris Vega
Vance Desmond def. Bret Sharp
Alan Lynch def. Dice Del Ray
Mr. Black def. Shane Storm
Rd. 2
Alan Lynch def. Jason Kincaid
Mr. Black def. Vance Desmond
Mr. Black def. Alan Lynch to become the first ever AWA APEX Champion.

Sept 27, 2005
Devin Davis def. The Sicilian
Alan Lynch def. Ryan Johnson
J-Sin def. JT
Team Gay and American Idols wrestled to a DLO
Jason Kincaid def. Ultra Dragon

Oct 11, 2005
Death Falcon Zero w/ prof Danger def. Wes Lynch
Flex & Cuban wrestled to a draw
J-Sin def. Brandon Day
Alan Lynch retained teh Shooting Star Title by def. Devin Davis
Team Gay def. Hawaian Hot Bodies by DQ
American Idols def. jason Kincaid & Mr. Black for the AWA APEX tag team titles when Breeze handcuffed Black to a corner and they pinned Kincaid

Oct 25, 2005
Flex def. Bret Sharp
Wes Lynch def. Raw Talent
Mr. Black successfully defended his APEX Title against DFZ
Alan Lynch retained his Shooting Star Title against Cuban Assassin
Chris Vega def. Jason Kincaid to be the #1 contender for AWA Lt. Wt. Title

Nov 8,2005
Prof Danger def. Wes Lynch
Jesse Ortega def. Flex by CO
Alan lynch retained Shooting Star Title by def. Devin Davis in a no DQ match
Mr. Black & Jason Kincaid def. Cuban Assassin & DFZ in a $2000.00, 5 min match. By winning Mr. Black got 5 min with Prof Danger in the ring.
American Idols def. Team Gay to retain the AWA APEX tag team title, when Vega pulled a chain out of his neck brace and hit Shane Storm behind the ref.

Nov 22, 2005
DFZ & Prof def. Max Rock & Wes Lynch
Mr. Black def. Eric White
Team Gay def. Smoky Mt. Outlaws
Bret Sharp wrestlted Jason Kincaid to a draw
Alan Lynch & Flex lost to Cuban Assassin & Devin Davis

Nov 29, 2005
Shane Storm beat Wes Lynch
Cuban & Davis def. Johnson & Rock
Eric White def. DFZ w/ Prof & Breeze
JC Lynch def. Bret Taylor
Black & Kincaid def. Jive Tones
Flex def. Alan Lynch

Dec. 13, 2005
Wes Lynch & Devin Davis lost to Gene Madrid & Scufflin Hillbilly
Jive Tones lost to DFZ & Prof
Alan Lynch beat Bret Taylor
Flex wrestled Cuban to a no contest
Team Gay beat South Side Players
Mr. Black def. Madd Trucker

Dec 25, 2005   Christmas Chaos
Scufflin Hillbilly def. Bret Taylor
Mr. Black def. Scotty Mckeever to unify the AWA Apex Title w/ the WV Title
Flex def. Dexter Poindexter (Shooting Star Title)
Kirby Mack def. Jason Kincaid (AWA Lt. Wt. Title)